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Don Troiano of Danbury, Connecticut is a marketing innovator and CEO of Market Pros International originally from Newtown Connecticut where he spent the first 18 years of his life.  There he attended Newtown High School and later attended Western Connecticut State University where he achieved his BA in economics. He enjoys writing and helping others in his spare time. Mr. Troiano has published articles and websites to assist people with mortgage modification, credit repair, reputation defense, and forming a solid business plan. These articles can be found all over the internet on sites like Wordpress and Blogger just to name a few. He is an entrepreneur having run several successful companies in his career Including Oxford Home Mortgage, DTT Energy Consulting, and Market Pros International. He began his career working on Wall Street in the early 90's for Stratton Oakmont the firm made famous in the movie "The Wolf of WallStreet". He worked his way up while there to become a top producer in just under a year. He then moved to Smith Barney Investment Bank where he spent 7 years as a Senior Financial Consultant. He was recruited in the late 90's to enter the Mortgage Banking Space where he also excelled using marketing techniques he learned while working in the investment sector. By 2001 he had gained enough experience to open his own mortgage bank which he named Oxford Home Mortgage and located in Danbury, Connecticut. Over the next nine years, Oxford grew to become one of the most ethical and respected Mortgage companies in the greater Danbury area. By 2010 the financial crisis was at its height and one of the casualties was Mr. Troiano's beloved mortgage company. Undaunted he began to reinvent himself and landed in the Deregulated Energy sector. He helped license and launch a startup AmericaWide Energy. He then moved to open up DTT Energy Consulting. DTT Energy Consulting is a marketing firm also in the energy space using call centers for client procurement. His Current venture is Market Pros International with a small location in Danbury and in process of setting up a larger facility in Ozamiz Philipines where our call centers and IT departments are located. Market Pros International primary focus as a multi-faceted company with BPO, ORM and Digital Marketing on our menu of solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. 

When not working Mr. Troiano spends a lot of time working for his community. He has published several self-help ebooks that are all available free of charge on the web. Mortgage Modification Made Easy his free how-to book on modifying your mortgage is available on his website Don Troiano Free Mortgage Modification Help and Tips. He also has a free website with helpful tips and documents at Credit Repair Free, a free website dedicated to assisting people in a self-help credit repair tutorial. His current projects are aimed at assisting people and companies in the On-Line Reputation Managment (ORM) space. Having been seriously defamed by a former employee Mr. Troiano has spent a great deal of time learning how to defend his reputation. He decided to publish his education once again free to assist others faced with similar circumstances. On his blog sites

Don Troiano Blogger and Don Troiano Wordpress he has published many articles dedicated to assisting people with do it yourself ORM. His articles are "How to Create a bullet Proof reputation", "Defending your name as a cyber staking victim", and 'Internet Stalking the new age of Cyber Defamation".

For leisure, Mr. Troiano plays hockey a sport he has a passion for since a very young age. He played on state championship teams as a youth hockey player and also played semi-pro with the Coors Sharks. He also barefoot water skis competitively and even won the northeast regional competition. He trains with Keith StOnge the current world champion.