Don Troiano,  CEO of Market Pros International with offices in Danbury Connecticut and Ozamiz City Philipines is a market leader in the Digital Marketing space. Currently, a 100 billion dollar worldwide market growing at an estimated 9% according to Technavio a leading market research company.

Market Pros International was formed to service the obvious need of small to medium-sized businesses need to compete in an exceedingly complex world of marketing. Formerly when companies advertised the options were quite simple including TV, Radio, Bill Board, Print Media and the phone book. These platforms were dominated by larger companies and building and the playing field was heavily skewed in favor of big business since the costs where excessive and the results limited to only certain demographics.

Today we are gifted with the single most amazing marketing platform in the history of mankind on the internet. The possibilities are endless. Now instead of grabbing a phone book people "Google" a type of business on their cell phones. Instead of watching TV for entertainment and news they look online or spend hours on end in a Facebook, Twitter or a YouTube account. Market pros International is uniquely qualified to help our clients take advantage of this space. The company uses specialized sales funnels and landing pages to drive interested and qualified prospects to our client's businesses. 

In addition to the digital side of our marketing Market Pros International utilizes our state of the BPO inbound and outbound call centers located worldwide. This allows us to bring clients products to targeted markets. Our call centers are trained in the straight-line method of telesales made famous in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street".  We consider our telesales staff to be amongst the best trained in the industry worldwide.

Our Social Media staff is a specialized group of experts who not only know how to promote a company in this space but also create regular blitzes to get business in the doors as well as get people talking all over social media about our clients. 

Through our subsidiary Reputation Pros LLC Market Pros has Online Reputation Managment (ORM) in our suite of Digital products. ORM essentially online public relations is one of the fastest growing sectors of the digital world as companies and individuals struggle with the reality that privacy is a thing of the past with the internet. ORM gives clients control over the accuracy and relevancy to the content regarding their brand when using Google, Bing or Yahoo

Market Pros International has clients all over the US today in areas ranging from Auto groups to Political Campaigns.