Unfortunately, a new trend on the internet is the negative review for profit website. These websites solicit only negative reviews from anyone who may have an ax to grind like say a disgruntled ex-employee or competitor. They only accept negative reviews with the clear intent to appear high in search results in the hopes of charging fees to the victim to hide the negative information. Don Troiano has just one such review from an ex-employee who has become nothing less than a stalker making wild outrageous and false accusations of course anonymously. We are including actual reviews from employees and clients here for your consideration.

8-12-2014 Lindsay B. former employee

I worked with Don Troiano at Oxford Home Mortgage for over 2 years. He was a great employer, treated me with dignity and gave me a lifetime of training that I still use to this day. He was always highly professional and is a friend to this day.

6-25-2016 Osias M. Client

Don Troiano performed financing for our church. He was highly professional and delivered when no one else seemed to able too. Now my church has an amazing building. I could not recommend him more highly.

7-14-2016 Joe S. Client

I had been having a negative content problem on my search results. I contacted Don as I knew he was working in the ORM space. Within weeks my results were cleaned up and I was able to obtain I high profile position I was seeking as a result. Job well done. 

9-12-2017 Pablo B. Employee

I began working with Don a little over two years ago. He has always been there for me whenever I asked for his help. I would work for him anytime anywhere. 

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